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Phone Number: (949) 262 - 9388


HEC Tutoring is now offering in-person tutoring as well as remote learning.

AP Pre-Calculus Group Class

Mr. H invites only a few students to his AP Pre-Calculus class!


About Hec Tutoring

HEC Tutoring has been helping students reach their academic goals since the year 2000. We are dedicated to making sure that the students and the parents we serve receive the best possible service when it comes to academic and SAT/ACT tutoring and college counseling.

All of our teachers are college graduates with degrees in their fields of expertise and college students from top universities with many years of tutoring experience.

Our SAT/ACT curriculum utilizes the latest and most up-to-date material so that the students may study and practice for the real test in an actual test situation each week.

Each student receives personalized and detailed college admission counseling. All students and parents meet with our certified professional college admission counselor regularly to ensure our students make the best choices on their path to college. HEC Tutoring is your one stop for everything from tutoring in math and science classes to SAT preparation to assistance with the college entry process.

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Feedback About Us!

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Jaewoong K.
University of California, Berkeley

"Whenever I needed extra help on a subject matter, HEC was the answer. Teachers were highly experienced and knew what they were supposed to do when it came to helping students. Above all, HEC had good SAT I, SAT II, and ACT materials. With affordable prices, Hansol is the way to go!"

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